Solid Brass Sextant in Etched Glass Top Box - 8"

The best possible Christmas gift for the sailor or explorer.

Solid brass sextant in brass inlaid etched glass mahogany box. Etching has sextant instructions and historical facts. Great educational and gift piece all in one.  Add a brass engraved name plate for the final personal touch.


The invention of the sextant made it possible for the first explorers to sail to the "New World" where we now all live.

Size: 8" x 8"

Price:  $179.95

Item: BR4849G

Copper Diver's Helmet Clock

The classic diver's helmet desk or mantle clock styled after the world famous US Divers MK-V Deep Sea Diver's helmet. Precision battery operated quartz clock with Roman Numerals. Measures: 9" tall
Price:  $89.95

Item: CO5265

Rowboat Wine Rack

Solid wood Rowboat Wine Rack. Hand made by local craftsman. Solid pine with 5 shelves. Can store 12 bottles of wine plus hanging stemware. Natural wood blue outside hull.
Measures - 72" h x 25" w x 10" deep.

Holiday Price:  $400.95

Look-Out Lantern Table Lamp

Our very own creation. Solid Copper Look-Out Lamp mounted on a solid mahogany base with 3 position table lamp socket. Hand made by our craftsmen in the U.S.A. Very handsome nautical piece
Size: 26" tall

Sale:   $209.95

Ship's Look-Out Lamp

Solid copper and brass ships "Look-Out" oil lantern 13" Tall with heavy glass "Fresnel" lens. Can be wall mounted or hanged from mast or ceiling. Great for deck or patio.

Price: $99.95

Item: CD-800

Item: CO1525-TL

Item: CO1525

   Ship's Lamps

Solid Copper Anchor Lantern

Solid Copper Ship's Anchor Lantern. Our most popular ship's lantern. The night marker for ships and boats at night. Hand machined heavy solid copper with brass trim. The Fresnel style lens will magnify light.

Size: 13"

Price: $99.95

Antique Brass Finish Large Red & Green Ship Lamps

Antique Brass larger size iron Port (Red) and Starboard (Green) large size ship navigation oil burning lamps - Add electric light kit for indoor use.  Measures 17" tall

Price: $109.95
Set of 2

Solid Brass Anchor Lamp

Solid Brass Ship's Anchor Lantern. Our most popular ship's lantern in gleaming brass. The night marker for ships and boats at night. Hand machined heavy solid brass. The Fresnel style lens will magnify light.

Size: 13"
Price:  $124.95

Item: CO-1524

Item: IR1528-1

Item: BR-1524

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Sailboat Lamp

The classic sailors table lamp. Solid hardwood model sailboat mounted on solid mahogany base with brass trim. Three models to choose from.

Lamp is 24" tall with cotton drum shade.

Price: $39.95

Brass Look-Out Lantern Table Lamp

Our very own creation. Solid Brass Look-Out Lamp mounted on a solid Red Oak base with 3 position table lamp socket. Hand made by our craftsmen in the U.S.A.
Size: 26" tall

Price:  $225.95

Nickel Porthole
Mirror -24"

A heavy aluminum porthole mirror in an Chrome finish. Heavy mirror glass with aluminum fittings and dogs.

- Back in stock

Visible glass is 19"

Price: $199.95

Item: SL-M322D

Item: BR-1525-TL

Item: AL-486111C

Ship's  Anchor Lantern Table Lamp

Solid Copper Ship's Anchor Lantern on a solid Mahogany base.  Three (3) position switch allows for Anchor Lamp or top lamp to be turned separately or together. Measures 26" tall

Free Shipping-

Sale:  $209.95

Black Ships Wheel Chrome Mirror - 24"

Nickel Chrome 12" porthole mirror mounted on a 24" Black Pirate ship wheel.  Chrome on Black is a great modern nautical piece.

Size: -25"

Price:  $149.95

General Marine Lantern

Solid brass general Marine Style Lantern.  Oil burning with round clear glass. Of a type used aboard ships and boats in the early days of seafaring.

Size: 14" Tall.
Holiday Price:  $55.95

tem: CO-1524-TL

Item: SH4861-25

Item: BR-15295

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Sailor's Desk Gift Set

A special gift set for every sailor in your life. Solid brass small telescope, brass compass and brass hourglass timer set in a brass inlaid mahogany box. A very nautical gift.
Size: - 8" x 6" wide.

Price:  $59.95

Polished Brass Alidade Compass

Highly polished heavy brass Alidade.
Real instrument for measuring distance, direction & elevation of an object. Primary use is for a gun sight for guns and cannon. Size: 14.5" L x 8"

Price: $99.95

Cape Hatteras
Solar Lighthouse

FINALLY BACK IN STOCK. Our popular Cape Hatteras Garden Solar Lighthouse. Heavy ceramic with Bright rotating beacon powered by a solar panel and "AA" battery.
Size: -32" tall

Price: $109.95

Item: SH-7706

Item: BR48401

Item: RD-2016

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Solid Brass Functional Sextant

Solid brass Functional sextant comes in a solid oak box with brass inserts.  Precision calibrations with working sight glass and mirrors.

Great teaching tool or nautical gift.
Size: 9.5"

Price: $210.95

Engraved Bells

Solid brass Ship's Bell ENGRAVED.
What better personalized gift can you find for a sailor or ship owner than a solid brass bell with the name of the boat or family engraved on it. Size: 6" x 6"

Price:  $59.95

Brass Ship's Wheel Clock

Solid polished brass clock set in a handsome ship's wheel. Face says "Ship's Time". Precision battery operated.
Great for any nautical decor. 
: 7.5" diameter

Price: $69.95

Item:  BR4849A

Item: BR-1844

Item: L-28191

      Gift Sets


USN Navy Chief's Anchor

Our newest item. US Navy Chief's insignia made of brass plate over solid aluminum. A "must have" item for every US Navy Chief's office on land or at sea or for the retired chief's den at home or on his or hers' boat

Measures 18" x 11" wide.
Item: MAL-101

Price: $52.95.

Solid Brass Lighthouse Lantern
The classic lighthouse lamp used

in lighthouses all over the world to light the way and guard harbors and dangerous rocks for ships at night. Solid medium brass with oil burner. Easily converted to electric light.
Measures: 10.5" tall

Item: BR-15294
Price:  $99.95

Nautical Bar Gift Set-A
Item: W-501-A

The perfect and unusual gift set for the boat or sea captain or regular sailor.

After Holiday Stocking Gift Set.
The classic set of bar accessories for the captain or sailor. Impress your guests with a collection of our most popular items bundled into one money saving set. Bars are still open so one of these sets would be welcome.
1. W-501 Knot Board Wine Box
1 BB-1076 Brass Captain Bottle Opener.
1. X-142 Red Monkey Fist Key Chain.
1. Z-118 Brass Shot Glass in Wood Box.

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