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We specialize in high quality nautical brass and copper Ship's Lamps, Ship's Bells, Ship's Wheels, Compasses, Instruments, Telescopes,
Galleyware Sextants, Diver's Helmets,
Nautical Throw Pillows, Nautical Decor, Knot Boards Lighthouses, Pirate Stuff and Portholes
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Blue Fishing Trawler Table Lamp

Another Robin's Dockside Shop creation. Our Blue fishing trawler model boat made into a one-of-a-kind table lamp. The model boat is hand made from hard and soft woods and mounted on a solid cherry wood base with brass lamp parts and in-line switch.

The trawler is modeled after the old style fishing trawlers of several years ago, many of which are still in use. They were very well built vessels made to withstand the weather and years of hard use.

Boat is 15" long x 14" high.

Lamp is 26" tall.
Price: $149.95

Item: BK-525-TL


Solid Brass Ship's Wheel Clock
Solid brass high quality porthole clock on teak ship's wheel. Larger size brass face ship's wheel clock that has 24 hour marine time set on a high quality ship's wheel. Lacquer coated. Measures 13" Diameter.
Price: $209.50


Professional Barometer in highly polished cast brass casing with beveled glass face. Used to measure upcoming local weather events of either Stormy, Rain, or Fair weather Has dual calibration: US -millibars / Metric/ mmhg
Price: $159.95


Brass Marine Barometer

Copper Anchor Lamp

Solid copper and brass ships anchor oil lantern with heavy glass Fresnel lens.  The night marker at the top of the center masthead.

PLUS an LED Tap Light Included
so you can light it right out of the box.

Measures: 12" with handle down

Price $99.95

Solid Copper  Look-Out Lantern

A solid copper classic period sailors Look-Out lamp used on sailing ships for hundreds of years. A Versatile oil burning lantern could be used for many purposes. Easily wall mounted and best used with an electric light kit installed.
Size: 12" Tall with handle down.

Price: - $109.95

Blue Stripe Tin Lighthouse Lamp

Very attractive hand painted blue stripe tin  lighthouse set on a base made of real beach stones collected in the Philippine Islands.
A great nightlight foyer or hallway or in one's bedroom all night. 

15.5" tall x 7" w.

Price:  $69.95

Item: CO-1524

-Temp Out of Stock-

- Item: CO1525

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Item: TL-397L

- NEW NEW - Vintage Nautical Throw Pillows - (Price Reduced)- NEW NEW -
Constructed of a heavy cotton sailcloth style linen with HD printed design in navy blue on off-white. Note: Packed in germ-free clear plastic.
Suitable for indoor or outdoor use or for boat or yacht with hidden zipper to remove inner poly-fiber lining. - Size: 18" x 18"

Atlantic Sailing Ship's Wheel
Item: RDL-150-1 - $22.00

Atlantic Sailing Ship's Anchor
Item: RDL-150-2 - $22.00

Compass Rose
Item: RDL-150-8 - $22.00

Dual Compass Rose
Item: RDL-150-30 - $22.00

Nautical Navy Blue Stripes
Item: RDL-150-15 - $22.00

Ocean Journey Sea Adventure
Item: RDL-150-6 - $22.00

Nautical Anchors
Item: RDL-150-18 - $22.00

Anchor on Navy Blue
Item: RDL-150-9 - $22.00

Nautical Stripes Anchor
Item: RDL-150-32 - $22.00

Atlantic Sailing Anchor Wreath
Item: RDL-150-33 - $22.00

Old Lighthouse - White
Item: RDL-150-19 - $22.00

Lighthouse - Navy
Item: RDL-150-31 - $22.00

Antique Copper Port & Starboard Ship's Lamps

The classic Antique Copper Port & Starboard Lamps used on sailing  ships all over the world for hundreds of years

Glass "Fresnel" style lenses.
LED Tap Lights Included.
Size - 14" Tall

Price: $109.95

Welcome Aboard
Brass Bell

Solid Brass better quality bell with "Welcome Aboard" imprinted into the brass. Includes cotton lanyard and bracket. Great bell for any place on the water where your friends are welcomed.
Size: 6-3/4" x 9" H

Price:  $69.95

Brass Bell Presentation Plaques

Solid brass ship's bell mounted on a solid hardwood Red Oak plaque with brass plate.

Both Bell and Plate can be engraved with any inscription you would require.  One price for both.

Red Oak Plaque
12" H x 9-1/2"W

Price: $149.95

Item: L-070

Item: MN-125

Item: BPRO-1844

Brass Anchor Lantern
Table Lamp

Solid Brass Ship's Anchor Lamp mounted on a solid Red Oak base. Three (3) position switch allows for Anchor Lamp or top lamp to be turned separately or together. Measures 26" tall. Made in our own shop.

Free Shipping-

Price: $249.95

Anchor Lantern Table Lamp

Solid Copper Ship's Anchor Lantern on a solid Mahogany base. Three (3) position switch allows for Anchor Lamp or top lamp to be turned separately or together. Measures 26" tall. Made in our own shop.

Free Shipping-

Price:  $239.95

Look-Out Lantern Table Lamp

Our very own creation. Solid Copper Look-Out Lamp mounted on a solid mahogany base with 3 position table lamp socket. Hand made by our craftsmen in the U.S.A.
Size: 26" tall
Free Shipping-

Sale: $239.95

Item: BR-1524-TL

Item: CO-1524-TL

Item: CO1525-TL


Solid Brass Norwegian Anchor Lamp

Norwegian style Anchor Lamp.
High quality brass lamp with heavy Fresnel lens.

Styled after lamps used by Norwegian sailors and fishing vessels.
Size: 11.5" Tall
Price:  $139.95

Solid Brass Chief Lantern

The classic maritime ship's lantern used on sailing ships for hundreds of years. Hand machined in heavy-gauge brass. The glass panes are protected by a cage of brass bars with a front opening door.
Size:15" Tall with the bail (handle) down.
Free Shipping-

Price: $249.95

Large Sailor's Knot Board Display

Hardwood frame with brass trim surrounds large size sailor's traditional nautical knot board shadowbox has 30 knots and nautical things plus half-hull sailing ship.. Great wall piece for any serious nautical decor.
Size: 35" long x 23.5" high -
Back in stock

Item: W-455

Price: $209.95 -


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