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Blackbeard Lives - By the Guns of Hampton - Pirate T-Shirt


The 300-ton vessel, Concord, was a frigate built in England in 1710. She was captured by the French one year later and modified to hold more cargo, including slaves, and renamed La Concorde de Nantes. Sailing as a slave ship, she was captured by the pirate Captain Benjamin Hornigold on November 28, 1717, near the island of Martinique. Hornigold turned her over to one of his men Edward Teach, later known as Blackbeard.


Blackbeard renamed the ship Queen Ann's Revenge and added more cannons. The  name may come from the War of the Spanish Succession, known in the Americas as Queen Anne's War, in which Blackbeard had served in the Royal Navy, or possibly from sympathy for Queen Anne, the last Stuart monarch. Queen Ann's Revenge had 24 main long guns which were given names by the gun captains and crew.  Our T-Shirt commemorates this passage of history.

The T-Shirt speaks to Master Blackbeard, the present day gunners and captains of Hampton, Virginia who maintain that history with their guns.  The names of the guns are listed on the back of the T-Shirt taken from historical records.


The Brigand's Band has written and recorded a song entitled "The Guns of Hampton" which also speaks to this colorful period of history.  The song is on their new CD entitled "Ship Happens". The Brigands are one of the most talented period and pirate bands on the East Coast.

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Blackbeard Lives - By the Guns of Hampton - Pirate T-Shirt