Antique Finish Port (Red) and Starboard (Green) Oil Navigation Lamps.


Classic iron navigation oil lamps that are replicas of lamps required on all vessels that are underway (moving) at night.  The Left side of a vessel is called the "Port" side and requires a Red light while the Right side is called the "Starboard" side and requires a Green light.  


These are hand machined and painted in an antique finish with heavy glass "Fresnel" style lenses that magnifies the small oil lamp inside. They can also have electric light kits installed for safer use.   Great for a tavern or restaurant where a nautical decor is desired.


Lamps like these were used on sailing ships for hundreds of years and are still in use today on sailing ships worldwide.

Electric Light Kit. - 25 watt

We can also install electric light kits
(set of 2) for you (shown at left) if you do not wish to burn oil in your lamp. 
  Price: $24.90 - Item: EL-02

- Set of Two

Size: 12 inches tall


tem: IR1527-1 - Measures: 12" tall.

Price: $41.95 - Set of Two

<<... Also available in Solid Brass oil lamps as shown at left and in Solid Copper oil lamps as shown at right......................................>>

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Iron - Port (Red) and Green (Starboard) Lamps