The winds of change
are blowing across our weather forecasts. Spring is just around the corner.
Soon there will be green grasses and flowing trees. Time to get the bottom of boats painted and Spring cleaning done at home and on the water. Winter is OVER.  So a few new decorative and useful items for home and on the water are in order.  So we have a few suggestions in stock that you might enjoy.

..And as usual, have a safe and enjoyable early Spring.


White Lighthouse Table Lamp

Hand painted wood and ceramic medium tall lighthouse table lamp. White with dark blue and black trim.

Has 3-way bulb socket and comes with hand stitched shade with cotton rope border.

Great nautical table or desk lamp.

Size: 26.75" tall

On sale on this page ONLY.


Item: LM-349

Sale: $109.85


Lighthouse Candle Lamp
Meas. 10.5" -
Item: MP-675

Chrome Porthole Mirror -11"
Item: MAL-121

Price: $18.95 -

Sale: $22.95 

Canvas Messenger Bag - Blue
The traditional naval messenger bag for the seasoned traveler.
Blue canvas with leather trim.

Size: 15.5" x 11.5"
Item: BT-6538
Sale: $39.95

The classic sailors table lamp. Solid hardwood model sailboat mounted on a solid mahogany base with brass trim.


This excellent lamp is another one of our own creations. Made at our shop by a couple of skilled craftsman.  Fabricated from our item: M-322 model sailboat series.  The lamp base is made of solid mahogany wood. There are 4 different model sailboats to choose from. (See the Sailboat page). 

Style SL-M322A
Price:  $44.95

Sailboat Model Table Lamp Collection

Solid Brass Large "Spyglass" Telescope

Solid Brass Large telescope (spyglass) with hand stitched leather body. Excellent optics for longer rage viewing. In brass inlaid mahogany box. Size:-24" extended.

Obj. Lens: 38mm, Mag: 24x

 Item: BR48520
 Price: $89.95

Distressed Wood Sailing Ship Bookends
Detailed fully rigged ship model with cloth sails on a  distressed hardwood base with brass trim.  Size: 12"x 9" tall 
Item: RD-60521

Sale: $44.95

Professional Instruments to aid in "Keeping a Weather Eye"
Very good things to have given the sudden changes in Spring weather.

Brass Professional Marine Clock Meas. 5.5"- Item: AMS-0263

Brass Marine Barometer
Meas. 5.5" -Item: AMS-1623


Brass Marine Tide Clock
Meas. 5.5"
Item: AMS-2623

Chrome Professional Marine Clock
Meas. 5.5" - Item: AMS-0623C

Sale:  $139.95 -

Price: $159.95   Price:  $179.95 Sale:  $139.95 


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