Memorial Day weekend is upon us.. The day we honor those of us who have given their lives for the cause of freedom in our great wars as well as the constant brush fire conflicts that keep popping up. They gave of their lives, we laid them to rest and now we honor their sacrifice.

Robin's Dockside Shop is a veteran owned company so this holiday is important to us.

Memorial Day also marks the official start of the Summer season. In the northern half of the U.S.A. the weather is beginning to get warmer. Time to clean the grill and patio and get that boat cleaned up and in the water.  For those of us with larger boats that stay in the water year round it is time to wash down the outside and get ready for summer visitors and dock parties. Let the summertime begin...

Also, we want to announce that we have a new line of high quality weather instruments manufactured in the U.S.A. by the Maximum Weather Instruments Corp.  These are VERY high quality instruments used by many professionals both on the water in boats and ships as well as on land at home or in weather stations.

To highlight this new line we have featured SIX of them below with an added incentive of a coupon code for 20% OFF that can be used for purchasing these new items or ANY item in our store.

In closing we only ask that you join us in honoring those we have lost, our veterans, and those who are presently serving in our military. Plus, while you are at it, pray for the people in the Ukraine for that conflict to end soon and that we don't get dragged into that horrible mess and more lives get lost.

Finally, be safe and keep your distance from strangers. The pandemic is not over yet. Wear a face mask if you have to, wash or sanitize your hands often. Have a safe and enjoyable Memorial Day weekend..

Fair winds and following seas.
The staff at Robinís Dockside Shop


Memorial Day Discount

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Summer weather can brew up sudden storms and line squalls very quickly. Plus the late summer starts the hurricane season.
A set of precision weather instruments are essential to warn of upcoming events. Check out our selection below.

Solid Brass Meridian Marine Clock -6.5"

Solid brass elegant clock giving 24 hour marine time. A sturdy precision clock is an essential item aboard every ship or yacht or at home. Generally placed close to the other instruments so that weather changes can be noted at the time they occur. Includes "AA" battery.                        Item: MX-100


The Predictor is an accurate meteorological grade barometer for measuring upcoming weather events of either Rain, Change, or Fair weather to come as calibrated in US. inches of mercury. An essential instrument aboard any vessel or for the weather enthusiast at home.
                                   Item: MX-200


Solid Brass Predictor Marine Barometer -6.5"

Solid Brass ComfortMinder Instrument -6.5"

The ComfortMinder combines indoor humidity and indoor temperature in one precise instrument. Combined with a barometer this can give you a very clear indication of your weather at home or on the water. No external wires or sensors needed.   
Item: MX-300


The Harbormaster Tide Clock gives the relative time of both high and low tides at a specific pre-selected location. The Tide function is consistent the "semi-diurnal" phases (2 tides pre day U.S. East and Gulf coasts). This clock Does not work on the Pacific Ocean. "AA" battery included.                      Item: MX-101


Solid Brass Harbormaster Tide Clock -6.5"

Solid Brass Cronus Digital Time & Tide Clock 6.5" O.D. x 2.75" Deep

Cronus Digital Time & Tide Clock give a display of Time, Date and East Coat Tide. Time can be displayed in either 12 - or - 24 hour mode and auto adjusts to Daylight Savings Time. Tide counts down ot East Coast high & low tide in 1/2 hour increments via 12 LEDs. Requires 110V.  Item: MX-103


Mystic combines both outdoor temp and barometric pressure in one beautiful, digital instrument. Readings selectable in four modes: Present High, Low, Wind Chill and barometric pressure in U.S. & Metric scales.
Uses 110v and comes with 60' sensor cable. Item: MX-201


Brass Mystic Digital Barometer/Thermometer
6.5" O.D. x 2.75" Deep

Also don't forget our standard line of precision 5.5" cast brass marine instruments.

Both with German made workings and also available in heavy chrome plated cases.

Solid Brass Professional Marine Clock -5.5"

Ship's Time brass clock giving 24 hour marine time. A sturdy precision clock is an essential item aboard every ship or yacht. Break Front case has heavy beveled glass. Generally placed close to the other instruments so that weather changes can be noted at the time they occur.                                   Item: AMS-0623


A Barometer is used to measure upcoming weather events by sensing slight pressure gradient changes that indicate either Stormy, Rain, Change, Fair or Very Dry weather to come. Has dual calibration: US -millibars / Metric/ mmhg.        Item: AMS-1623


Solid Brass Marine Barometer -5.5"

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