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Mid-September Newsletter

Welcome Aboard. September keeps getting better in terms of the weather. There are still plenty of excellent days to be enjoying the outside. If you have a back yard, a cottage by the lake or a boat, get out and enjoy it.


Robinís Dockside Shop is a veteran-owned-and-operated small business. As veterans, we are appealing especially to our fellow veterans and military personnel to consider supporting us.

The holiday buying season is approaching. We have many fine items that would make excellent gifts for your friends and family as well as for your own holiday table.

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Thanks for reading this newsletter. Enjoy your Fall season and always be careful and safe.

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

The Staff at Robinís Dockside Shop

Note: Robinís Dockside Shop is a veteran-owned-and-operated small business. We are members of the American Legion and the Veteranís Yacht Club Association.


Lighthouses are always in fashion

Hand painted tall tin European style lighthouses converted into a fine bright table lamps. Very attractive hand painted tall tin metal lighthouses set on a base made of real beach stones from the Philippines.

A great centerpiece for table or deck and special occasions. Also a great nightlight for foyer or hallway or just to light one's bedroom all night.  White interior gives off plenty of light from top and windows.

Shipped with battery operated LED Strip Lights but can be changed to an electric light socket with candelabra base small 25 watt light bulb.

Measures: 20" tall x 7" wide at the base




Solid Brass Meridian Marine Clock -6.5"
Ship's Time brass clock giving 24 hour marine time. A sturdy precision clock is an essential item at home or office or aboard every ship or yacht.   Item: MX-100

Matching Professional Weather Instruments

Solid Brass larger professional quality instruments made in the U.S.A. by the Maximum Weather Instruments Corp. They are the choice of many seasoned and serious mariners and meteorologist. They are not only very accurate but they are also large enough to read from across the room or cabin. The brass cases all match so they go well together. These are not decorative toys. You will find these weather stations or on ships, tugboats and yachts. Dependable instruments are most have items for telling time and predicting weather conditions. 

The Predictor is an accurate meteorological grade barometer capable of measuring upcoming weather events either Rain, Change, or Fair weather to come. The dial calibrations are in US inches of mercury. The re-settable dial lets you track changes. Item: MX-200.




Channel Lamp
Distressed Blue

Marker Style Lanterns in Distressed Blue and White
European style classic nautical channel lamp used on pylons or sailing ships for many years. 

Distressed blue and white painted steel with glass Fresnel lens.  Hand machined heavy gauge steel with factory installed electric light kit.


When used as a Channel marker a RED or GREEN light would be installed. When used on a ship or dock pylon a white light a 360o white light is required.
Comes with a standard socket tear-drop shaped 25 watt bulb.

Measures 14" tall

Channel Lamp
Distressed White

Item: BT-D0857-B

$154.95 ea.

Item: BT-D0857-W


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