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ber. The FALL is upon us. Cooler temperatures, crisp clear air, the Fall colors paint themselves across the northern landscape to give us one of the most beautiful months of the year.  Now, since the daylight begins to be shorter we are featuring a full line of our nautical lamps. One does not need to own a boat to have any of our Ship's Lamps.  Whether you live by the water or up in the mountains, any of these lamps go well in any decor. Plus, beside having a nostalgic decor they can provide lots of light if the power goes out in a storm and they give off quite a bit of heat if one burns oil in them. Also, we supply a removable but very bright LED Tap Light with almost all of them. That way you can use the lamp right out of the box and set it on the dinner table inside or outside on the patio.

October does have some events that almost all of us know about. Columbus Day is celebrated as the explorer of the same name who discovered America, however both the North and South continents are named after the Italian explorer and navigator Amerigo Vespucci who visited what is now the Americas on several occasions. October 31st, of course Halloween. We have a Halloween Pirate Party Treasure Chest that we have put together for the occasion and of course one or several of our Pirate Flags would be in order for that day.


One very important event that happened during October was the UNITED STATES NAVY was born on October 13th, 1775 as the Continental Navy during the American Revolutionary War. We carry a solid brass Bell that is etched U.S. Navy for those who might like to remember this event and the current U.S. Navy.

So enjoy your wonderful Fall season. Keep the lights burning and remember to continue to keep yourself and family safe from the present pandemic. Follow the advice of our medical professionals.

Fair winds and following seas.
The staff at Robinís Dockside Shop

Brass Gimbals
Cabin Lamp

Solid Brass very high quality Gimbals Cabin Lamp.

Highly polished with a light factory coating.

Safe brass wall gimbals mount or hanging cabin lamp burns oil or electric.
Gimbals mount allows the lamp to stay in a level position as the ship rolls.

Measures 10" tall

Item: BL-855G

This is the classic solid copper anchor lamp used on sailing ships for hundreds of years and one of the most handsome lamps that we carry. 

Lamp is hand machined in pure heavy-gauge copper with brass trim. The Fresnel style lens is made to magnify the light. 

A great lamp for a side table or for your patio or deck. 

Measures 14-1/2" Tall

Item: CL-817

Copper Traditional
Anchor Lantern



Solid Brass Chief Lantern

The classic maritime ship's lantern used on sailing ships for hundreds of years.

Lantern is hand machined in heavy-gauge brass. The glass panes are protected by a cage of heavy brass wire bars with a front opening door for easy access.


Another great lantern for indoors or on patio or deck or any nautical or home setting.

Size:15" Tall with the bail (handle) down


Item: BR-0522

Solid brass high quality cabin lantern. Styled after lanterns used aboard the late era passenger sailing ships and steam ships.

Imagine quiet warm nights aboard a large sailing vessel in the passage from England to New York with a couple of these lamps burning in your cabin.

Place one in your bedroom (cabin) at home or aboard your boat in oil burning or with electric light factory installed.

10" tall with handle down.

Item: BL-820

Solid Brass Cabin Lantern



Crew Candle Lamp

Antique finish iron square candle lantern used by almost every crew member in the age of sail.

Hand machined of iron with four glass sides protected by iron bars. 

A perfect nostalgic candle lantern for your Fall Season table or your Halloween outdoor display.

Size: 8" Tall

Item: IR-1532

Antique Copper
Large Port & Starboard Ship's Lamps

A set of classic Red (Port) and Green (Starboard) Ship navigation lamps.

Lamps such as these guarded our sailing ships for many years at night and are still required on all vessels and aircraft.

Great for bar at home or on the water.
Shipped with a set of LED Tap Lights.
- 14" Tall
Item: ML-070



U.S. Navy
Brass Bell

Polished solid brass ships bell engraved U.S. Navy with braided rope lanyard and bracket. A must for every U.S. Navy man or woman and Navy veterans.


Item: BR18441


Brass Hanging
Trawler Lamp

Solid brass period fisherman's trawler oil lamp. Made from medium thickness pure brass with glass globe. Styled after fisherman's lamps used for hundreds of years for night fishing.
Can be easily converted to 110v.

Size:9.5" x 7.5" Dia.

Item: ML-061



Pirate Party Essentials

Pirate Flags

Dead Men
Tell No Tales

What Happens on Board Stays on Board

You must have a Pirate Flag for your Halloween Pirate Party.

Flags are 3' x 5' polyester.

Great for wall hanging.

Specify which one you want when placing the order.

Pirate Party Treasure Chest

Wood Dome-Top Treasure Chest filled with 50 plastic pirate coins and uncounted gems PLUS a Surprise.

Item: SH-335A
Chest is: 6-1/2" x 4-1/2"

$12.00 ea.


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