All of our Portholes are essentially made the same way. Installation is quick and easy unless you have a special application.  For special applications please phone us for professional advice. Otherwise follow the instructions below. You may also download these same instructions in MS Word format.  Download here.


STEP 1. Identify parts of the Porthole Mirror or Window.

A - Hinge. B– Cover Mirror or Window.

C-  Ring Plate.  D—Dog Screws


STEP 2. Unscrew the DOG SCREWS and move them down. They do not need to be removed for installation for this size porthole.

This will allow access to the mounting holes under the DOG SCREWS.


STEP 3. Using a small FLAT BLADE Screwdriver. Remove the slotted screws that hold the HINGE in place.

You will have to hold the connecting bar tight with the fingers of the free had to keep the drum from turning while loosening and removing the screws.

This will allow free access to the mounting hole under the hinge.

It also makes it easier to attach the RING PLATE to the wall without the COVER getting in the way.


STEP 4. With the HINGE SCREWS removed and the HINGE drum and cover drum removed you may now remove the COVER.

You should now have just the RING PLATE to deal with and install on the wall where desired.

Traditional installation of a Porthole is to have the HINGE at the TOP of the unit when in place,  This is done on ships and boats so that they can be closed easily if water is coming in hard. It is easier to close a porthole “Down” when water is coming in.

Installing in a house or building can be any way desired.


STEP 5. You now have access to all 3 screw holes to install the RING PLATE. Use the steel screws provided in this shipment or drywall anchors whichever you prefer.

Once the RING PLATE is secured then simply re-assemble the porthole COVER and tighten down the DOG SCREWS in place and you are finished.

For assistance please call Robin’s Dockside Shop at the number on the bottom of this page.
We are available Monday - Saturday, 10am to 9PM E.S.T.

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Porthole Installation Instructions