September. The beginning of the Fall season has arrived. The Labor Day Weekend is Sept 4th, 5th and 6th and marks the official end of summer for those of us in North America however, the First Day of Fall is not until the 22nd. Howbeit, September has much to celebrate and be mindful of.  September has a lot of meaningful days such as Rosh Hashanah beginning on the 6th which is the Jewish New Year. September 2nd is VJ Day celebrating the Victory over Japan and the end of WWII. September 17th is Constitution Day, and there are several others, too many to list here.

The weather is not as hot and more enjoyable but the seasonal changes come at a price. Hurricane season reaches it's peak and that can be dangerous, so one should to keep a "weather eye" and pay attention to your local forecast. We have had several named storms in the Atlantic already. That is why FOUR of our featured items below are professional weather forecasting instruments. Also, beside Labor Day there is one event in history which occurred in September that many may not be aware of.  One very MAJOR thing that happened was the sailing of the Mayflower from Portsmouth England on September 16, 1620. That event is marked as Mayflower Day. If that ship had not sailed or had not made it to what is now Plymouth, MA, we may never have had the United States of America as we know it, so we have highlighted our own Mayflower ship model in remembrance of that event.

Finally, there is the annual remembrance of 9/11 and the attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Our way of remembering these events is by offering our customers a 20% Discount on every item in our online store. This way you can have something to remember these events and save some money in the process.

Now, there are still many warm and even hot days and nights ahead so one should get outside and enjoy life in this very pleasant season.  Get out on the water if you can or to the beach, or out where the water turns deep blue, or at home on your deck. The history and heritage of this country started with nautical. With ships and explorers and fishermen and wind and sail. Keep that with you and share it with your children. Just please remember, always be careful so that you remain safe to enjoy the season with friends and family no matter where you are. Remember the rules of this present pandemic and keep safe distance from strangers or those who don't live with you and for goodness sake wear your face mask where mandated. Keep yourself and family safe at ALL costs and we shall see you next month.

Fair winds and following seas.
The staff at Robin’s Dockside Shop


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Brass Professional Marine Clock
Ship's Time brass clock giving 24 hour marine time. A sturdy precision clock is an essential item aboard every ship or yacht. Generally placed close to the other instruments so that weather changes can be noted at the time they occur.          Item: AMS-0623

Matching Professional Marine Instruments

Machined in solid cast brass with highly polished finishes and with precision German movements.
Clock is precision quartz using one "AA" battery

Cases have thick beveled glass faces.
Units measure 5.5" dia.

Brass Professional Marine Barometer
A Barometer is used to measure upcoming weather events by sensing slight pressure gradient changes that indicate either Stormy, Rain, Change, Fair or Very Dry weather to come. Has dual calibration: US -millibars / Metric/ mmhg Item: AMS-1623.




Binnacle Compass

Solid Brass binnacle compass and side oil lamp.  A model of those used on sailing ships and kept in lifeboats for centuries.

Size: 7"Tall
Item: BR-4845


Solid Brass Brunton Transit  Compass
Authentic working solid brass Brunton style explorers compass in mahogany box with brass inserts.

  3" wide

Item: BR - 4840


Precision Weather Station on Mahogany Base
Two Chrome precision weather instruments on real Mahogany base.

Size: 15" x 8.5" wide and
Instruments: 5-1/2“
Item: AMS-0600


Precision 3-Gauge
Weather Station

Clock, Barometer & Thermometer
Precision weather instruments for September weather changes.
Base: 18“ x 6“

Item: RB-225-3


Ship's Wheel Large Porthole Clock
High quality Ship's Wheel with larger face Brass Porthole Clock.  Clock has 24 hour ship's time on a solid brass face with larger numbers to be seen across the room.
A high quality handsome time piece for any decor on land or at sea.
- 13" Dia. Wheel
Item: PO-701

Ship's Wheel Porthole Clock
Solid teak ship's wheel with embedded brass porthole clock. Clock has 24 hour ship's time behind a beveled glass face. Great item for any nautical decor both on-board boat or ship or at home by the water.
- 24" Dia.
Item: MC-184

Mayflower Model Ship

On September 16, 1620 a merchant ship named the Mayflower set sail from Portsmouth England with 103 passengers with a charter from the King of England to start
a British colony in the New World. The rest is history.

A reproduction of the original Mayflower was constructed in 1957 and lies at birth in Plymouth, MA today.

Our model of that iconic ship is hand constructed from natural hard and soft woods with cloth sails and cotton rigging.
Comes fully assembled.


Size: 19.5" long x 16" tall  -  Item: BK-1501




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