Search and signal light


Steel WWII Search and Signal Light

Full size WWII style signal / search light made of stainless steel mounted on a chrome trimmed hardwood tripod.


This is the light we all have seen in old movies and that has been used aboard naval vessels since The First World War.  They were (and still may be to some extent) aboard navy and Merchant Marine ships sailing in convoy or close enough to see each other.


The signalmen knew Morse Code and would send signals back and forth from ship to ship.

This would generally not be seen by other ships or enemy vessels so the messages were private.


Today we have encrypted radio and ciphered e-mail.  But the legacy of war years signal light lives on amongst seamen world-wide.


Our search Light is made of a heavy gage stainless steel. It swivels, tilts and has the standard operating shutters.  The shielded electric light fixture makes it a perfect floor lamp for every nautical decor.


Size: 72" Tall with tripod fully extended.

Light head is 8.5" wide x 8" deep.


Your friends and family will love it. Who can tell if just maybe you will get out that old Morse Code book and show them how it works.  If you don't have that book anymore, click this link to Wikipedia


Item: BR49001


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Steel Signal Search Light