Thanksgiving . The crown of the FALL season,  Thanksgiving is one of our most celebrated holidays. Family members and close friends gather to eat at an overloaded table and gives thanks to God for our shared abundance and to remember who we are and where we all came from.

Thanksgiving is celebrated in the United States on the 4th Thursday of November. This year it is Nov 26th. But our neighbors up in Canada celebrated their Thanksgiving on Oct 12th this year. However, the venue and meaning is the same for both countries. A celebration of harvest with those close to you.

Thanksgiving History: If you have been following our September and November Newsletters you may remember our mention of the Mayflower sailing from
 from Portsmouth England on September 16, 1620. That event is marked as Mayflower Day. November 11, 1620 is the day that they finally anchored at what is now Provincetown Harbor, Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Historical documents tell us that the following year in 1621 the Pilgrims celebrated their first harvest that they eventually called Thanksgiving with a great deal of help from the local native Americans who helped them survive and live to found the nation we have today.


Thanksgiving also ushers in the holiday season and the beginning of the Christmas gift buying and preparations. So to make things a little easier for you we have highlighted a few of our candle holders and decor items for your holiday dinner table.


Plus, instead of a Black Friday and Cyber Monday fanfare we have decided to just offer a simple 25% Discount on all of our items in our website store. That discount will remain in effect until the end of November so you can enjoy a significant savings on any items you might want as gifts for those on your list.


Use the Coupon Code below from now until the end of the month when you check out with that discount and get a jump on your holiday gift giving. So enjoy your wonderful Fall and Thanksgiving. Remember to continue to keep yourself and family safe from the present pandemic. Follow the advice of our medical professionals.

Fair winds and following seas.
The staff at Robinís Dockside Shop


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Silver Plate Candle Stick Set
Add some class to your holiday table.
Heavy silver plate over solid brass in
a velvet covered box. Ships with two tall tapered candles.
Item: SP22781

Brass Mother-of-Pearl Candelabra
An exquisite solid brass polished candelabra with mother-of-pearl inserts for "very" special occasions. Ships with five short tapered candles. Measures - 8" Tall.
Item: BR-22913

Price: $39.95

Price:  $25.95


Solid Brass Porthole Ice Bucket

Solid brass Porthole Ice Bucket.
A very special nautical style piece. Porthole top opens to a plastic liner. Lacquer coated for lasting shine. A touch of class for every special event. The closed Porthole lid will keep ice from melting once the bottle is removed. Sure to raise some eyebrows at your home or office table.

Measures: 12" x 12"

Item: IB-701
Price: $259.95

Table Setting Pieces from our "Home for the Holidays" Collection

Brass & Mother of Pearl Salt & Pepper Set

Attractive solid brass piece inlaid with real mother-of-pearl. Plastic lined for safe use. Tray is 7 1/2" 
Price: $18.95 | Item: BR2016

Brass & Mother of Pearl Sugar and Creamer Set

Solid brass sugar & creamer set on a polished brass tray inlaid with real mother-of- pearl and silver lined for safe use. Tray is 9" long.

Price: $25.95 | Item: BR40421

Brass & Mother of Pearl Apple and Pear Condiment Set
Solid brass condiment set shaped like an apple and a pear and set on a polished brass tray inlaid with real mother-of- pearl Silver lined for safe use. Tray is 9" long.

Price: $25.95 | Item: BR10921


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