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  Robin's Dockside Shop now offers engraving on any of our fine bells.  $35.00
We have an affiliate shop that can engrave on most flat surfaced metal and glass objects.
The engraving can be simple text or a design or Logo.

This special page was done to simplify the ordering process for an engraved bell.

Our cost for engraving any amount of text or a simple graphic or logo is:

Bells have special meaning. Everyone knows that bells have been used for centuries on land or at sea to herald events, warn of danger, attract attention to something going on in a local area. At sea the bell signals the end of a watch period or sounds an alarm of danger.

A specific size bell is required aboard even the smallest vessel to warn other vessels in fog or bad weather or at night.

Fire engines and trucks all have a bell. The bell on a fire engine dates back to the horse drawn wagon days before sirens were invented.
Firehouses also like a bell with their station number on it. We have done many of these over the years.

Bells are used in churches, weddings, schools, you name it.
Large ships generally have the name of the vessel engraved on the ship's bell.  Every boat or yacht owner would enjoy having a bell with the name of his/her boat engraved on it.

How to Order:
To order your engraved bell simply select the bell you wish to have engraved from the list of images below.  The price of engraving has been added to the original cost of each bell. Then click the E-Mail button below and send us an e-mail with the desired text or Logo that you want on your bell. We shall confirm your request in a return e-mail and/ or a phone call.
Bell Engraving text or inscription request ->>


4 inch
Solid Brass Small Bell
Item: MN-109

6 inch
Solid Brass Med. Bell
Item: MN-123

6 inch
Chrome Medium Bell
Item: SP1844

8 inch
Solid Brass Large Bell
Item: BR1845

Price: $59.95
Price: $69.95
Price: $69.95
Price: $149.95

9-1/2 inch

Solid Brass very heavy highly polished and high quality brass bell with wall mount bracket hanger and braided rope lanyard.
Size: 9-1/2" dia.

Price includes engraving and shipping.
Price: $284.95

8 inch

Solid Brass very heavy highly polished and high quality brass bell with rope hanger and straight rope lanyard.
Size: 8 inch dia.

Price includes engraving and shipping.

Price: $279.95

Item: MN-117

Item: H-8450-8

6" Brass Bell with family name engraved in block letters.

6" Brass Bell engraved with pirate crew's name in block letters.

6" Bronze Bell etched
"Admiral Fell Inn"

6" Chrome Bell etched with the name of a motor yacht


Engraved Plates

Robin's Dockside Shop
also has engraved plates available at the great ONE-RATE price.
Price is:
$30.00 for any number of words, characters or small graphic on either of our two sizes of plates.  Sizes are 1" x 3" Brass plate and 3" x 5" Brass plate.

Our engraving orders are done by the same small affiliate shop that has been in business many years and specializes in etching and engraving.  They can generally engrave on any item that has a flat or curved surface.

How to Order:
To order your engraved plate simply click the blue "Engraving" button below.
If you are charged for shipping that price will be refunded in your order. Then click the gold E-Mail button and send us the text or inscription that you want on the plate.  You might also tell us the size plate you require. in the E-mail. We shall confirm your request in a return e-mail and/ or a phone call.

Plate engraving text and inscription request ->>  


Engraving Samples




Special Engraved Projects:

Robin's Dockside Shop has done several special presentation products over the course of the past few years.
Each of these required special attention and planning but the outcomes have been very handsome and rewarding. We also do our best to keep the costs down so as to make these special projects affordable.  If you or your organization has a requirement for a special project such as is pictured below simply give us a call.  We enjoy doing these things and will enjoy putting one or several together for your needs as well. Military orders get an automatic 10% discount.

Sample Projects.

A special bell presentation plaque for graduation ceremony for a US Navy Chief.
Our Solid Brass US Navy Bell mounted on a hardwood plaque with engraved plate.
$149.95 Complete


A special telescope plaque for a retiring US Coast Guard Commander.
Our Solid Brass large Telescope mounted on a Mahogany plaque with engraved brass plate. 
$324.90 Complete

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