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  Friends & Affiliates


Over the years we have made many friends and extended family.  Many of them have websites and do some business on-line via those sites.  Some are just information sites and some of them have no websites at all but would like to be mentioned by us in our travels.   Therefore, we have made this page to list them in some order.


These are not "click-thru" links made to generate cash or designed to put a "cookie" on your computer for tracking or anything like that AT ALL.   These are simply links to their sites or a name listing for your reference.

If you visit their site and actually call them or talk to them it would be nice if you mention that you found them on Robin's Dockside Shop.  That will put a smile on everybody's face.


Thanks for visiting our site and theirs.


Happy Sailing

Robin's Dockside Shop



Boats & Nautical


Lighthouse Landings Campground

Lighthouse Landings Camping

Canoe & kayak Sales/Rentals


Erdle Auto & Marine


Classic Boat Rides



Fells Point Main Street

Baltimore, Maryland

Two Rivers Yacht Basin

Baltimore Nautical Supply

Maritime & Shipping


National Maritime Historical Society


Long Island Maritime Museum


Chesapeake Bay Guide


Fredrick Douglass Isaac Myers

Museum and Marine Park


Captain James Seafood Palace
Fells Point - Baltimore, Maryland

Only the Best Beers
Fells Point - Baltimore



Pirate Friends




Pirates Magazine


Ye Pyrate Brotherhood




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