All of our sextants have calibration markings and working sight-glasses and come in a decorative oak or mahogany wood box with in-laid brass nautical decorations. HOWEVER, NONE of these sextants can to be used for true navigation. They are NOT calibrated for real use but are very good for teaching and decor. The sextant was the primary instrument used for navigation at sea for hundreds of years. Without the invention and use of this instrument none of our ancestors would have been able to travel and find the "New World" and therefore none of us would be here in the Americas.  We also try to include a set of simple instructions with every sextant order entitled "How to Use a Sextant" that gives basic sextant operation and instructions. You may also download these instructions by clicking Here.  See notes at bottom of this page.


Solid Brass Large Sextant - 10"

A Solid Heavy brass full size sextant that has the appearance and size of a precision instrument with calibrations in a latching Mahogany cabinet with brass nautical inlay.

Measures 10.5"

Price: $179.95

Solid Brass Sextant in Etched Glass - 8"

Solid brass sextant in brass inlaid etched glass mahogany box. Etching has sextant instructions and historical facts. Great educational and gift piece all in one.

Size: 8" x 8"

Price: $149.95

Solid Brass Sextant
6 inch

Solid brass working sextant comes in solid oak box with brass inserts.  Has full working parts and calibrations. Our most popular sextant. 
Size: 6"

Price: $72.95

Item: BR48505


Item: BR4849G


Item: BR4851


Solid Brass Kelvin & Hughes Sextant - 8"

Solid brass black finish Kelvin & Hughes style sextant. Comes in a felt lined mahogany nautical trimmed hardwood box with brass inserts.
Size: 8"

Price: $195.95

Solid Brass
Sextant - 8"

Solid brass sextant has all working working parts of a real instrument. Comes in a mahogany box with inlaid brass trim.  Great gift or teaching tool.

Price: $129.95

British Navy Sextant
5 inch

Antique finish solid brass authentic British Navy style sextant mahogany box with brass inlay with two (2) additional telescopes. 

Size: 5"

Price:  $84.95 

Item: BR48503K


Item: BR4849


Item: BR48501B

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Sextant Notes:  All of our sextants are hand-machined in India by skilled craftsmen.  Therefore they all have slight imperfections in the form of slight scratches, tiny holes and nicks in the brass and aluminum.  However, this in no way reduces the use or measuring capability of the instruments.  One must take into consideration that these instruments are NOT stamped out of a factory. They bear the mark of being hand machined and assembled.  Also, we have prepared instructions entitled "How to Use a Sextant" that you are free to download and print out.


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