Solid Brass Sextant in Etched Glass Top Mahogany Box - 8"


This is a great model of the 'real' thing.  A finely hand machined and highly polished solid brass sextant in a brass inlaid mahogany box with a beveled glass etched top.

The etchings on the top explain the use of a sextant in a decorative fashion. A great educational instrument and an excellent gift piece all in one.


The sextant has all the working parts and mirrors with what appears to be a precision scale to take fairly accurate global measurements. But this sextant should not be considered a real accurate instrument.


Measuring range: 0 - 120 degrees

Accuracy: +/- 25 seconds

Shades: 3 for index mirror, 3 for horizon Weight: 5 lbs 0 oz.

Cabinet: Solid Mahogany with Brass Trim.

The sextant was invented in stages over a number of years by several people.  Sir Isaac Newton (1643-1727), John Hadley (1682-1744),  and Thomas Godfrey (1704-1749).

Measures 8.25" wide x 8.25 long

Item: BR4849G

Price: $149.95




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 Solid Brass Sextant in Etched Glass Box - 8"