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During the era of tall ships most lighting at sea and on land was supplied by candles and oil lanterns.  Aboard ship most candles were enclosed inside of a lantern for safety.  However, when a sailor or sea captain was ashore his home was generally lit by candles.  So in keeping with the period we have decided to offer a small selection of decorative and plain candle holders that reflect the nostalgic 1700 and 1800's. 



Solid Brass Traditional Candle Stick

Solid polished brass traditional style candle stick. Highly polished and ready for any table.  Perfect for formal dinners, church service or any occasion.  

Measures - 10" Tall

Price:  $24.95

Solid Brass Traditional Candle Stick Pair

Solid polished brass traditional style candle stick pair. Similar to BR2253 only smaller size.

Measures - 6-1/2" Tall

Price:  $15.95

Solid Heavy Brass Candle Stick

Solid Heavy Brass candle stick in traditional style.
A standard for every party that requires candle holders on each table.
Measures - 11" Tall.

Price:  $24.95

Item: BR22721


Item: BR22781


Item: BR22071


Solid Brass Mother-of-Pearl  Candelabra

An exquisite solid brass polished candelabra with mother-of-pearl inserts for "very" special occasions.

Measures - 8" Tall.


Price:  $25.95

Solid Brass Mother-of-Pearl Candle Stick

A fine set of 2 solid brass candle holders  with mother-of-pearl inserts. Matches candelabra at left.

Size: 8-1/2" Tall

Set of  2

Price: $28.95

Brass 5-Light
Candelabra - 12" Tall

A tall stately solid brass candelabra with five candles. The quintessential table centerpiece for holidays and any formal occasion.

Measures: 12" Tall

Price: $39.95

Item: BR-22913


Item: BR2264


Item: BR22972


Captain's Table
Candle Lamp

Solid heavy brass with glass globe very stable and protected candle lamp for the captain's table and officer's mess. Great lamp for every nautical or romantic setting.
Size: 17" tall

Price: $29.95

Brass Candle Lamp

A nostalgic brass candle lamp with protective glass shade. A standard item in most homes and shops during the era of tall ships.

Measures: 7" Tall

Price: $16.95

Brass Candle Dish with Hearts

A set of two solid brass taper candle holder dish with heart cutouts around the rim. Ships with taper candle.
Measures: 4" wide

Price: 12.95 / Pair

Item: BR22482


Item: BR22151


Item: BR22301


Crew Candle Lantern

Iron square candle lantern used by most crew members on every ship afloat.  Four glass sides and metal protectors for the glass. Great Fall display lantern. Shipped with one Tea-Light candle.

Size: 8" (12" with handle)

Price:  $14.95 

Rum Locker Candle Lamp

Metal candle lamp with glass panes and a large handle. Every ship has a Rum Locker where the spirits are kept and requires a lamp to see when getting a fresh bottle.
Size: 10.5" tall with handle down.
Price: $24.95

Brass Small Ship's Anchor Lamp

Solid Brass Small Size Anchor Lamp. Thick solid brass with heavy lens and brass trim. Oil burner accessible from the top in the traditional anchor lamp style. Just the thing for deck or patio or aboard ship or yacht.

Size: 9" tall.

Price:  $58.95

Item: IR-1532


Item: RD-3773


Item: BR-15241


Round Pirate's Cove Candle Lantern

Round verdigris iron candle lantern. Glass lenses are made to magnify the candle light. Imagine a quiet evening on the deck with a carefree warm candle lantern on the table.
Size: 14" Tall

Price: $45.95

Silver Candle Stick

An elegant modern styled silver plate candle stick for every occasion.  Heavy silver plate over solid brass. For formal dinner or as a center piece light at home or restaurant.

Measures: 8.5" Tall

Price: $18.95

Silver Plate Candle Set in Velvet Box

A pair of heavy silver plated taper candle holders in a fine velvet box.  Excellent for your own formal table settings. Nothing speaks elegance like silver candle sticks.

Measures: 7" Tall

Price: $39.95

Item: IR-15293

Item: SP2281



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