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Capt. Robin Sparrow

The Pirate Festival season has ended for the season on the East Coast.  We had a great time this year as usual with all of our old friends including Capt. Chuck Black and the Valhalla's Pirates, Ye Pirate Brotherhood , The Brigands , Pirates for Sail and a host of others.  Robin's Dockside Shop was at all of these festivals.in the U.S. Mid-Atlantic Region. The Blackbeard Pirate Festival down in Hampton, Virginia, The War of 1812 Bicentennial Celebration in Baltimore.  Ye Pirate Brotherhood , and the Rock Hall Pirates & Wenches Fantasy Weekend at Rock Hall, Maryland on the Chesapeake Bay.  View our photo gallery of events.

Pirates al together at Marcus Hook - 2012
Valhalla's Pirates, The Brigands , Pirates for Sail


Pirate Figurines

Pirate Decor'

Pirate Chests

and Trinkets

Pirate Flags


Pirate Sparrow       Desk Box

Hand painted poly-stone pirate Sparrow look-alike sitting on his treasure chest keep-sake box. Great for every pirate office decor or pirate princess' dresser.

Size: 8" - Tall

Price: $22.95

Lady Pirate Figurine

Hand painted lady poly-resin lady pirate figure ready to draw her sword and fight with her shipmates.  Enjoyable piece for any nautical decor and to make the girls jealous.

Size: 10" Tall

Price: $22.95

Pirate Shipmate Figurine


Hand painted pirate shipmate in poly-resin with parrot on his shoulder.. Great for any seaside or marina bar or aboard your cruiser.  Has the look of a famous pirate movie character.

Size: 9"

Price: $19.95

Item: PS-529


Item: RDW-6314


Item: PS-525B


Pirate Captain Picture Frame

Rustic picture frame of molded poly-stone with pirate, treasure chest, cannon and other pirate things.  Has the look of old wood and real gold in chest.
Size: 4"x 6" High

Price: $16.95

Pirate Ship Picture Frame

Rustic picture frame of molded and hand painted poly-stone.  Has pirate ship, parrot and ships wheel along with other pirate emblems. has the look of old wood.

Size: 4" x 6" Wide

Price: $16.95

Pirate Captain Table Lamp

Pirate Captain Desk Pen Holder mounted on a solid cherry base making a great desk or bedside lamp for every pirate decor.  Hand painted polystone figurine lamp is available only at Robin's Dockside Shop.

Size: 18 tall x 9" wide

Price:  $55.95 ea.

Item: PF-01


Item: PF-04


Item: RDS-526L

Temp Out of Stock

Pirate Captain Bottle Holder

Great wine or rum bottle caddy for every nautical bar. Now we hear tell that the capt'n be keepin' a watchful eye on the rum locker these days. And this old salt won't be lettin' anyone touch yer rum bottle without his say so. Ya savvy?

Price:  $26.95

Jolly Roger
Pirate Ship Model

Pirate Ship Model - "Jolly Roger" Looks VERY much like one beloved "Black Pearl" pirate ship. Black cotton sails, rigged like a Brigantine. Hand made hardwood model.  21" L x 21" H

Price: $78.95

Pirate Ship Model
Queen Ann's Revenge

Hand crafted wood pirate ship with cloth sails and pirate flags. "Blackbeard's "Queen Ann's Revenge" Great rendition of pirate ships for den or child's room.  

Measures: 12.5" x 12.5" tall

Price: $28.95

Item: BRK-9412

Item: MD-352


Item: M-289


"Old Pirates Never Die" Wall plaque.
Laser cut three dimensional wood raised letters with solid brass pirate medallions surrounded by a border of real hemp rope set on a weathered dock board base.

The perfect wall plaque for a pirates den.
Would be a great wall plaque for a rustic bar or tavern.

Hand crafted in the U.S.A.

Size:  27" x 34" wide.

Item: BWA-3201

Price: $229.95



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