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Solid Brass Cabin Lantern


Solid heavy brass high quality cabin lantern. Styled after lanterns used aboard the late era passenger sailing ships and steam ships.

Such lanterns would generally be mounted on a wall (bulkhead) to prevent them from falling off a table. The brass side braces add strength and protect the glass from breakage.


Imagine quiet warm nights aboard a large sailing vessel in the passage from England to New York with a couple of these lamps burning in your cabin. The only sound is the waves gently slapping the sides of the hull and the occasional rustle of the wind in the giant canvas sails and the stars overhead like a blanket.

Such nostalgia is not easily available in our modern world and that is what these lanterns are all about.

Place one in your bedroom (cabin) at home or aboard your boat in oil burning or with electric light factory installed.

10" tall with the little handle down.

Price: $179.95


Item: BL-820-SE
10" - Electric
Item: BL-820-SL
10" - Oil Burning


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Solid Brass Cabin Lantern