LED Tap Light Included.
Can be easily removed and oil burner screwed back into place.

Solid Copper and Brass Look-Out Lantern - Lacquer Coated


The classic sailors Look-Out  lamp used on sailing ships for hundreds of years.  Primarily used as a lantern to look out at something close to the ship at night.  The shape is such that the solid back of the lantern would not blind the person trying to use it.


These versatile oil burning lanterns could also be tied to the stern (rear) of the ship and used as a stern marker lamp. By tying one rope to the handle and 2 ropes through the brass guides to keep it from swaying as the ship rolled with the sea or mounted on a wall or bulkhead as a cabin or passageway lamp.  This lamp also makes a great addition to your deck or patio. Can be easily wall mounted and electric light kit installed.


Our Look-Out Lantern is hand machined of pure heavy-gauge copper with brass trim. The Fresnel style lens is made to magnify the oil lamp light  to be visible for many  nautical miles and burn for about 7 hours before refilling.

NOTE: Lacquer Coated
(Unless not wanted - Please write)
LED Tap Light Included

Electric Light Kit.

We can also install an electric light kit for you (shown at left) if you do not wish to burn oil in your lamp. 
Price: 14.95 - Item: EL-101

Item: CO1525  -  12 inches tall.

Price: - $109.95

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Solid Copper and Brass - Look-Out Lantern