Solid Teak Ship's Wheel Anchor Lamp Table.

Solid teak 24" ships wheel with brass hub set on a solid mahogany frame with a our Solid Copper Traditional Anchor Lamp make up a priceless very nautical end table.


Table is hand made in the USA of solid mahogany by a local nautical craftsman.  Constructed to last a lifetime.  The solid teak ship's wheel is our model SH8763 25"  The finishing touch is one of our L-091A Solid Copper 14" Traditional Anchor Lamps with electric light kit installed.  The end result is a stunning nautical end table with a glass top and an heirloom lamp that lights. Made exclusively by Robin's Dockside Shop.

Measurements: 22.5" t x 24" w.

Item: SH8763-CL817
Price: $549.95  -
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Same Ship's Wheel Table available with a Solid Brass Traditional Style 14" Anchor lamp. Our Item: BL-817-14. Same style lamp manufactured by the same company only in polished brass with electric light kit with a 40 watt candle shaped bulb.

Item: SH8763-BL817
Price: $549.95

Note: Glass tops are picked up by the customer at a local Pier 1 Imports Store. Customer is notified in E-Mail when glass can be picked up and at which store closest to your address.

SPECIAL NOTE:  A rogue company in India has stolen our copyrighted images from this page and are appearing to sell this same table on for an inflated price. They do NOT have this same table. We do NOT sell this table to whomever is doing this. 
Theirs is a FAKE and is poorly constructed of poor quality materials.



A set of these tables were recently selected to be presented to the Summer 2012 graduating class of US Navy Chief's at San Antonio. TX.  They were topped with a set of bronzed US Navy Chief's hats as you can see in the photo at left and are now permanent fixtures at that facility.

Robin's Dockside Shop is honored to have been selected to supply such a priceless set of tables dedicated to the highly acclaimed Chief Petty Officers of the United States Navy.  

The copper lamp and brass wheel hub can be lacquer coated for a lasting shine.
Price: $20.00

Note: Table can be purchased without Anchor lamp.
Price: $359.90


Ship's Wheel Anchor Lamp Table



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