Solid Copper and Brass U.S. Deluxe Navy MK V Diver's Helmet Replica


The is the stuff of legends. The helmet we have all seen in movies and documentaries and used by real deep-sea divers for many years. 


Our MK V Diver's helmet is made of a heavy gage solid copper with brass trim and fittings as many or the real helmets were.  The glass porthole inserts, the air house fittings and valves, plus the  authentication plaque add the finishing touches to make it all but indistinguishable from a real usable helmet.   Plus, this deluxe model is factory coated for lasting shine and beauty.


Wood display base included.


The helmet measures approx 18" tall and weighs approx 40 lbs.


Item: BP-704-18D


Sale: $1695.95 - $1340.00


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 Solid Copper and Brass Deluxe - US Navy MK V Diver's Helmet