Solid Brass Marine Spotter Floor Telescope


Solid polished brass floor telescope with extended spotter scope on hardwood tripod. A fine crafted instrument for any setting. Extended range spotter scope makes finding the subject easy.  Elevation gage gives the angle of elevation of object being viewed. Precision focus barrel makes for a sharp image at almost any distance.

A great floor telescope for many uses. Hotel rooms, high-rise apartments, harbor views, etc.

An excellent gift for someone who  enjoys exploring the world around themselves.

Tube and all parts are polished brass. Tripod is made of hardwood with brass fittings.  Tripod extends from 36.5" to 61.5" tall.

Tube is 39" Long.
Magnification is 38x

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Item: BR-4860B

Price: $269.95

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Solid Brass Marine Spotter Floor Telescope