BATELA Messenger Bag -  Navy Blue

The traditional naval messenger bag for the seasoned traveler.

Blue canvas with leather bottom and straps with brass furniture.

Monogrammed with compass rose for a nautical flair. Great everyday bag for just about anything one would need to carry.  Can hold a tablet or laptop along with accessories. Obviously made for papers, books and documents.

Size: 15.5" x 11.5"
Price: $52.95


Item: BT-6538

  Small Canvas Messenger style
Bag - Navy

Smaller size canvas and leather bag by BATELA.

Leather straps and brass snaps and zipper with cloth inner liner.

Great smaller versatile bag for many uses. Can easily hold a small tablet and smartphone along with ID and bank cards and cash. Easily hidden under coat or jacket.

Size: 10.6" x 11.8"

Price: $34.95

Item: BT-6488


BATELA Large Canvas Messenger Style Bag -Gray

Canvas Messenger style large bag for just about any purpose.

Great for travel or everyday use as a carry-all bag. Leather bottom with leather and canvas straps.
Zipper closure.

Can easily hold a laptop or tablet along with all of one's personal things such as smartphone, wallet, even a change of clothes.

Size: 17.7" x 13.7"
Price: $55.95

Item: BT-6379

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BATELATM Messenger Bags

The classic naval Messenger Bags. Long before there was electronics and e-mail, important documents, correspondence and sometimes currency was carried via a trusted courier in bags such as these.