Chrome Plated Solid Brass Professional Instruments Mounted on a hand worked solid Mahogany Base.

These are NOT cheap toys just for display. Both units have German movements and are VERY accurate. The precision cast brass chrome plated break-front cases have thick beveled glass and made in Taiwan.

The clock is our
Ship's Time 24 AMS-0623C 24 hour marine clock as shown below. Very accurate quartz movement.

The Barometer is our Royal Mariner weather forecaster in millibars and European mmhg gradients.


Available with a longer base with space for an engraved plate for a presentation gift.

Size: 8.5" W x 15" Tall
Instruments are 5.5" Dia. each.

Item: AMS-0600
Price: $399.95

Item: AMS-0600-ENG
Price: $449.95

Nautical Chrome Marine Clock


Nautical Chrome Marine Barometer

Ship's Time brass clock giving 24 hour marine time. A sturdy precision clock is an essential item aboard every ship or yacht. Generally placed close to the other instruments so that weather changes can be noted at the time they occur.       Item: AMS-0623C
Price: $149.95
  A Barometer is used to measure upcoming weather events by sensing slight pressure gradient changes that indicate either Stormy, Rain, Change, Fair or Very Dry weather to come. Has dual calibration: US -millibars / Metric/ mmhg
Item: AMS-1623C
Price: $159.95

  Note: All of these instruments have the same housing so they all match. They look different in the photos because they were photographed at different times with different light and different cameras. But they are all housed in the same very highly polished cast brass breakfront case with beveled glass lenses. The internal movements of each are made in Germany. Size is 5.5" diameter

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Professional Nautical Chrome 2-Gage Weather Station