Fo'c'sle Iron Mesh Candle Lantern


For quiet nights aboard ship a fairly wind proof candle lantern for light up on the Forecastle "Fo'c'sle" of the ship. Few things are more peaceful than riding the bow of a sailing ship on a warm summer evening. The moonlight on the water and a blanket of stars overhead while the only sound is the waves against the hull. Your trusty Focsle lantern is just enough to light the deck around you.

Our Fo'c'sle Lantern is an antique finish iron mesh that has no glass to break if dropped or banged against a railing or mast.

A great candle lantern for patio or deck at home or at the beach.

The lantern is a very impressive 17" tall with a ring handle for hanging or to safely carry about when lighted.


Item: IR-15351

  Requires a tall votive candle. Large enough to use a candle that will burn all evening if needed.  
Price: $35.95


Detail of the Forecastle or a fully rigged sailing ship.
Generally a very pleasant place to hang out in good weather. Certainly a great place to spend some off duty time in the evening when all is quiet and the only sounds are the wind in the sails and the waves slapping against the hull. The name
Forecastle was abbreviated "Fo'c'sle" by sailors in the era of sailing ships adn is still widely used today.

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Fo'c'sle Iron Mesh Candle Lantern