Solid Brass professional instruments are the choice of most seasoned and serious seamen.  These are not decorative toys. You will find these on ships, tugboats and yachts that go out beyond cell phone app range where dependable instruments are most have items for predicting weather and water conditions.  You will find these instruments wherever you find serious seamen, fishermen, yachtsmen, oil rig workers, all classes of people who work or live on the water.

Solid Brass Professional Marine Clock -5.5"


Solid Brass Professional Marine Barometer -5.5"

Ship's Time brass clock giving 24 hour marine time. A sturdy precision clock is an essential item aboard every ship or yacht. Generally placed close to the other instruments so that weather changes can be noted at the time they occur.          Item: AMS-0623
Price: $149.95

  A Barometer is used to measure upcoming weather events by sensing slight pressure gradient changes that indicate either Stormy, Rain, Change, Fair or Very Dry weather to come. Has dual calibration: US -millibars / Metric/ mmhg
Item: AMS-1623.
Price: $159.95

Solid Brass Professional Tide Clock -5.5"



The Tide Clock gives the relative time of both high and low tides at a specific pre-selected location. The Tide function is consistent the "semi-diurnal" phases (2 tides pre day U.S. East and Gulf coasts).  The tide function will not work on the Pacific coast.                             Item: AMS-2623
Price: $179.95

  Note: All of these instruments have the same housing so they all match. They look different in the photos because they were photographed at different times with different light and different cameras. But they are all housed in the same very highly polished cast brass breakfront case with beveled glass lenses. The internal movements of each are made in Germany. Size is 5.5" diameter

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