Red, White & blue Sailboat Lamps

Another Robin's Dockside Shop exclusive. Made in our own shop.
Not available anywhere else.

Finely detailed hand made sailboat models made into great small table lamps.

Sailboats are made of hard and soft woods with cloth sails on a white pine wood base with brass electrical parts and inline switch.

A great lamp for any small space at home or on the water.

Buy the set or individually as shown below.

Size: 24-1/2"tall

Item: MD-380L-Set

Price:  $68.95 -

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Membership includes a subscription of Sea History Magazine.
The most informative, beautifully done, and concise publication covering all aspects of the Maritime experience. The Art, Literature, Adventure, Lore and Learning of the Sea.
FREE with the purchase of a SET of our colorful Red and Blue Sailboat Table Lamps.
Either Two Red or Two Blue or ONE of each. You don't have to DO anything. You will be signed up automatically, IF you DON'T want the membership. In which case please click the Gold Button Below and request to NOT be given the membership.

Blue or Red Sailboat Lamps can be purchased individually.

Note there is enough space on the wood base of the lamps for a small engraved brass plaque for presentation or as a special personalized gift.

Buy two of the same color for matching end table lamps.

Size: 24-1/2"tall

New Price
Price:  $ 34.95 - $52.95

Item: MD-380L-Blue

Item: MD-380L-Red

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 Red, White and Blue Sailboat Lamps