Rum Locker Candle Lamp

No self respecting ship either sail or motor is without a "Rum Locker". Generally a small closet in the lower part of the ship where the all important rum is stored both in bottles and casks.

Aboard a ship of the line this room would be fairly large and well stocked. Rum Rations were issued to the crew daily after the daytime watch, so the larger the ship the more rum was needed to supply the men.

This was standard practice aboard both military and civilian vessels right up to the 1960's, however the British Royal Navy ended rum rations called "Tot" on July 31, 1970.

Our iron Rum Locker Candle Lamp continues that tradition. Howbeit, one does NOT need to own a ship or boat to have a Rum Locker. Most of the Rum Lockers we know of are in houses and offices. Requires a short votive or pillar candle.

Size: 10.5" Tall with handle down
Item: RD-3773

Price: $24.95





A very heavy solid brass name plate marking the essential "Rum Locker" on board or at home. When you have a real Rum Locker you must have a brass sign over the door.
Size: 8" long

Price: $15.95

Polished Brass "Rum Locker" Name Plate


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Rum Locker Candle Lamp