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Harbor Master Styles

  Harbor Master Telescopes. Our fine line or Harbor Master professional telescopes are certain to please. We have gone to extensive lengths to insure that ALL of these instruments are the finest made and available. A Harbor Master Telescope is a land-based instrument with an inverter lens unit inside so that the image being viewed is not upside down. By comparison, an astronomical telescope inverts the image but when one is looking a a star or planet that is of little importance. There is no up and down in space.


  Table Top Telescopes

Solid Brass Mounted Desk Telescope

Brass Desk Harbor Master Telescope line is 12" long with excellent optics mounted on a solid oak wood tripod w/t brass fittings. Mag: 12x,  Eye: 12mm. Obj: 25mm

Price:  $69.95

Pewter Mounted Desk Telescope

Solid Brass Pewter Finish Desk Harbor Master Telescope. Solid oak wood tripod w/t pewter fittings. Mag: 12x,  Eye: 12mm. Obj: 25mm, Tube:  12" - Long. 

Price:  $69.95

Solid Brass Table Telescope
Solid Brass Mounted Medium Telescope

Solid Brass Medium Harbor Master Table Top Telescope with excellent optics mounted on a solid oak wood tripod with brass fitting.
Tube length:15.5"
Mag: 16x,  Eye: 12mm. Obj: 25mm

Price:  $119.95

Item: BR48540


Item: BR48540A


Item: BR48561A


Solid Plain Brass Mounted Telescope

Medium solid brass Harbor Master Telescope with hand stitched leather cover. Mounted on a hardwood tripod with brass fittings. Excellent optics for viewing. Size: 16.5"  Mag.: 22X

Price:  $139.95 

Solid Brass Large Harbor Master Telescope

Solid Brass Floor Model standard Harbor Master telescope with oak hardwood tripod stand w/t brass fittings. Magnification: 32X
Obj. lens: 42mm
Tube length: 38"
Tripod ht: 60"
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Price: $329.95

Marine Spotter
Floor Telescope

Solid polished brass floor telescope with extended spotter scope on hardwood tripod. A fine crafted instrument for any setting. 
Hardwood Tripod extends to 61.5" tall. 38x Mag.

Price: $339.95

Item: BR48560


Item: BR48601


Item: BR4860

Floor Model Telescopes
NOTE: Please do NOT order one of our floor model Harbor Master Telescopes before reading this note.
Our floor telescopes are amongst the finest made anywhere. They are all made in India from very fine brass and have very clear lenses.  However, many people do not know how to use a telescope and somehow think that the image should look like a television or something.  It does NOT. One has to carefully focus the eyepiece and carefully position your eye to get the image centered.  It takes patience.  Due to the overwhelming number of returns and complaints Robin's Dockside Shop has instituted this major change.  We will no longer accept any returns of the floor model telescopes as of Feb 1, 2012.  Once you buy it you cannot return it.  You can exchange it for another item of equal or greater value, but a 25% restocking fee will apply.  This does NOT apply to any telescope that may be broken or damaged during shipment. Damaged telescopes will be replaced quickly and at no cost to the customer.

A solid brass floor model harbor Master Telescope is a great decorative piece as well as having a functional use.
A home or office with a solid brass telescope speaks volumes about the intelligence and precision of the owners and inhabitants thereof.


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