Cape Hatteras Electric Candle Lamp


Tall tin lighthouse candle lamp painted in the famous Cape Hatteras lighthouse colors. Hand constructed of tin metal and hand painted to some degree of accuracy.


These are made in the Philippines (not China) and were originally intended to be candle lamps.  The base is of nice smooth beach stones from the beaches of the Philippine Islands. The full inside is painted bright white to reflect the light of a candle or light kit.


We decided that these would make an excellent electric light lamp for table or bedside stand. 


A stately looking piece when off and an excellent light when lit a.

Can be ordered as a candle lamp or with electric light kit installed.

Size: 21" Tall x 8" wide at the base

Electric Light
Item: TL-416L
Price: $79.95

Candle Lamp

Item: TL-416
Price: $69.95




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Hatteras Table Electric or Candle Lamp