Ship's Wheel Brass Trim Clock

Handsome ship's wheel clock with solid brass handles and trim set on a hardwood base.

Battery operated quartz clock tells time in Roman numerals.

Great clock for kitchen at home or galley aboard one's boat or ship. Would also go well behind the bar in tavern of club.


Measures: 12" Diameter

Item: BR-48272

Price: $69.95

Ship's Wheel Antique Brass Ship's Time Clock

Heavy antique brass plated aluminum makes for a very nice clock that will go well with any decor.

Especially suited for the officer's ward room or chief's mess on yacht or ship.

Clock face says "Ship's Time" which gives it an official look.

Measures 18" diameter.

Item: MAL-139
Price: $139.95




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Ship's Wheel Brass Trim Clocks