Solid Copper Binnacle Compass


This is a reproduction of the classic copper binnacle compass used on vessels for hundreds of years and came into use soon after the compass was invented.


The Binnacle Compass was usually located in back of the ship's wheel so the helmsman could read the compass and navigate the ship in the desired heading.  All ships have a Binnacle Compass at the helm station even to this present day. There was also a smaller Binnacle compass on each lifeboat.


Our Solid Copper Binnacle Compass is hand machined heavy gauge pure copper with a gimbal compass rose inside. (Some models come with a brass compass rose instead of copper). A small working oil lamp enclosed in the attached box which lights the compass for night navigation.


Due to the quality and purity of the copper of this binnacle compass we take the time to paint the inside of each unit white for better light reflection. We also highly polish each unit and lacquer coat the gimbal compass rose for a lasting shine.


Today GPS has replaced manual compasses however many sailors still use a Binnacle compass due to it's relative simplicity of use.


Item: CO4845 -  7 inches tall.

Price: $109.95

Electric Light Kit.

We can also install an electric light kit for you (shown at left) if you do not wish to burn oil in your lamp.   Price: 12.95

<<... Photo of some friends aboard the Barkentine Gazela in Philadelphia.  The Binnacle Compass is the large brass unit with the Red and Green navigation balls on each side represent Port and Starboard. The helmsman could easily see the compass and steer the ship in the desired heading.
Our Solid Brass Binnacle Compass.   Many Binnacle Compasses were made of brass and became standard use for ships replacing the copper housing.  It was found that copper would sometimes cause error readings on the compass needle.

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Solid Copper Binnacle Compass