Anchor Lamps

Copper Very Large Anchor Lamp

Solid copper very large ship's anchor oil lantern 20" Tall with heavy glass Fresnel lens and brass trim.
Largest lamp in our inventory. Lamps this size were used on the big tea clippers of the early 1900's.

Add the electric light kit for safer indoor use.


Crew Candle Lantern

Iron square candle lantern used by most crew members on every ship afloat.  Four glass sides and metal protectors for the glass. Great Fall display lantern. Shipped with one Tea-Light candle.

Size: 8" (12" with handle)

Price:  $14.95

Chrome Ship's Anchor Lamp

Chrome plated sheet metal ships anchor oil lantern with heavy glass "Fresnel" lens. Our most popular ship's oil lamp now in chrome finish that never needs polishing. Great for deck or patio.

Size: 11"
-Temp Out of Stock-

Price:  $59.95

Item: CO-1526

Temp Out of Stock

Item: IR-1532


Item: SP-1524


Small Anchor Lamp

Small Copper Finish Anchor Lamp. Great lamp for nautical parties or weddings. Lens is a small clear glass NOT amber like in this photo. Available with battery LED light. Specify when ordering.

Size: 9" with handle down

Price:  $24.95

Small Brass
U.S. Anchor Lamp

Styled after Anchor Lamps used by early U.S. Navy ships. A very high quality small period anchor lamp available in oil burning or electric. SPECIFY when ordering in space provided in the Shopping Cart.
Size: 10" Tall

Price: $179.95

Round Pirate's Cove Candle Lantern

Round verdigris iron candle lantern. Glass lenses are made to magnify the candle light. Imagine a quiet evening on the deck with a carefree warm candle lantern on the table.
Size: 14" Tall

Price: $55.95

Item: IL-815

Item: BL-826

Item: IR-15293

Temp Out of Stock


  Cabin and Inside Lamps

Rum Locker Candle Lamp

Metal candle lamp with glass panes and a large handle. Every ship has a Rum Locker where the spirits are kept and requires a lamp to see when getting a fresh bottle.
Size: 10.5" tall with handle down.
Price: $24.95

Galley Table Lantern

Antique finish metal galley candle lantern. New antique finish simple candle lantern with plain glass sides that reflects stars on the walls of a room. Simple mood lighting on or off ship. 

Size: 9" Tall

Price:  $10.95

Focsle Candle Lamp

Large iron candle lantern for quiet nights up on the bow or Forecastle (Fo'c'sle" of the ship. Lanterns such as these were widely used because they had no glass lens to break if dropped. 
Large size -
17" Tall


Price: $35.95

Item: RD-3773


Item: IR-15310


Item: IR-15351


   General Purpose Ship's Lamps

Copper Anchor Lamp

Small Copper Anchor  Lantern with heavy glass "Fresnel" lens. Our most popular ship's oil lamp now in a smaller size. Great table lantern for special occasions>

Size: 9" tall w/t handle

Price:  $42.95 ea.

Captain's Table
Candle Lamp

Solid heavy brass with glass globe.
very stable and protected candle lamp for the captain's table and officer's mess. Great lamp for every nautical or romantic setting.
Size: 17" tall

Price: $29.95

Electric Light Kit
25 watt bulb

We can also install an electric light kit for you if you do not wish to burn oil in your lamp. A much cleaner and safer way to enjoy your brass of copper ship's lamp.

Price: 14.95

Item: CO-15241

Temp Out of Stock

Item: BR-22482

Item:  EL-01

   Cabin and Inside Lamps

Solid Brass Lantern Hook 

Solid Brass wall hook for hanging any or your nautical lanterns. Heavily factory coated for lasting shine both indoors and out.

Size: 6" Long

Price: $14.95

Cotton Lamp Wicks

High quality 100% cotton lamp wicks for your oil lanterns and lamps. 3/4" w.

When installing new wicks allow wick to soak up the lamp oil before lighting.

Price: $5.95 for pack of 3




Item: RGH-191


Item: RDS-Wick1





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