Solid Brass Ship's Cabin Lamp


This is a the classic reproduction of a standard cabin lamp used aboard sailing vessels before the use of electric light on board ships at sea.


The tall chimney area allows some of the heat from the lamp to dissipate when lit.


Our Ship's Cabin Lamp is hand machined from a very heavy gage solid brass with a heavy glass lens and styled after a more famous and expensive model sold in many marine stores.   Lamps of a similar style were also used by miners in the 18th Century.


Item: BR15279 - 10 1/2 inches tall.

Price: $69.95


Solid Brass Lantern Hook

Item: RGH-191 for bulkhead or wall installation.


Price: 14.95

NOTE: Please DO NOT BURN THIS LAMP WITH LAMP OIL. This lamp has been known to catch fire when used as an oil lamp. Feel free to call us with questions concerning this lamp and it's use.

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Solid Brass - Ship's Cabin Lamp