Solid Brass Gimbals Cabin Lamp


Solid Brass very high quality Gimbals Cabin Lamp.

Highly polished very heavy cast brass. Comes complete with Gimbals wall mount and with a light factory coating.

Safe brass wall gimbals mount or hanging cabin oil burning lamp.

Gimbals mount allows the lamp to stay in a level position as the boat or ship rolls.

The most desired lamp for sailboats or wherever light is needed aboard boat or ship where electric power is at a premium.

Measures 10" tall

Item: BL-855G

Price: $159.95

Cabin Electric Light Kit.

Can be wired with electric light for an additional $30.00.  Can be either 12v or 110v. Price: 30.00 Item: EL-03C



Another high quality brass cabin lamp

Available in oil burning or electric light factory installed.
Item: BL-820

Price: $179.95

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Brass Gimbals Cabin Lamp