Solid Brass Chief Lantern


The classic maritime ship's lantern used on sailing ships for hundreds of years.  Our Chief Lantern is hand machined in heavy-gauge brass. The glass panes are protected by a cage of heavy brass wire bars with a front opening door. This makes changing the light bulb -OR- lighting the oil burner easier than many other bottom loading lanterns.


The Chief Lantern is named for it's use.  The "Chief" of the boat would own and maintain a higher quality lantern to be lit during the evening hours. Generally a well constructed brass or copper lantern that burned would burn oil for many hours before needing to be refilled.  Whale oil being the fuel of preference.


Our Chief's Lantern is very well made and will add the charm and nostalgia of the era of tall ships and high seas adventure to any nautical or home setting.

Size:15" Tall with the bail (handle) down


Item: BR-0522

Price: $249.95

Electric Light Kit.

We can also install an electric light kit for you (shown at left) if you do not wish to burn oil in your lamp.   Price: 14.95 -  Item: EL-01



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Solid Brass Chief Lantern