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Welcome Aboard our September Newsletter. September is always an exciting month. Best of all, we are winding down what appears to be the hottest summer on record for almost the whole planet, so cooler September weather will be most welcome to all of us. There are still plenty of excellent days to be on the water for those who own a boat or cottage.

As some of you may know, Robin’s Dockside Shop is a veteran-owned-and-operated small business. We are members of the American Legion and the Veteran’s Yacht Club Association. We have been in business for twenty years. Many of our customers are military and veterans, individuals and organizations, whom we have been very proud to serve. We also always offer a 15% Discount for all veterans and military.

As veterans, we are appealing to our fellow veterans, military personnel, and all others reading this newsletter. Please take a few minutes and read the short paragraphs below.

In the past three years our sales have decreased drastically. We believe this has been largely caused by one huge online store (I will mention no name), which offers very low prices and free shipping mostly from off-shore companies which are not American and have NO customer service other than messaging. There is no one you can call, unlike Robin’s Dockside Shop where you will always get a live, knowledgeable, and helpful person on the phone.

Please support us more. The holiday buying season is approaching. The pandemic is dissipating and soon we shall all be giving gifts and holding dinners and gatherings. We have many fine items that would make excellent and special gifts for your people as well as things for your holiday party tables. Also, we hand-make several useful and special items which are not available anywhere else.

We are also moving away from cheap brass items made in India and China, and we are focusing on more practical items like lamps and instruments made in the U.S.A and Europe. Please call us if you have questions or a special request. One of us, not a robot, will answer the phone.

September is a wonderful month, full of history – some events are listed below. Have a great and safe September. Look for and use the 20% Discount Coupon Code if you see something that you like. Enjoy your Fall season and always be careful and safe.

Fair Winds and Following Seas, from your friends at Robin’s Dockside Shop.

Some Notable September Historical Events;

September 16, 1620 – Mayflower Day - The Mayflower ship departed England, bound for the New Word with 102 passengers and a small crew. The ship reached what is now Provincetown, MA on December 21st and disembarked at Plymouth, MA on Dec 26th.

September 9, 1776 – The United States came into existence as the Continental Congress changed the name of the new American nation from the United Colonies.

September 13, 1814 – The Battle of Fort McHenry in Baltimore Harbor occurred, observed by one Francis Scott Key overnight and when he saw the huge American flag still flying in the morning over the fort he was inspired to write a poem entitled “The Star Spangled Banner” which later became the American National Anthem in 1931.

September 11. 2001 – The worse terrorist attack in U.S. history took place with planes crashing into the World Trade Center in NYC and the Pentagon in VA, killing 3,000 people.

Finally we shall note that Labor Day Weekend is Sept 3rd, 4th and 5th and September 23rd is the beginning of autumn in the Northern Hemisphere. The official beginning of Fall. Get outside and enjoy it.



Brass Professional Marine Clock
Ship's Time brass clock giving 24 hour marine time. A sturdy precision clock is an essential item aboard every ship or yacht. Generally placed close to the other instruments so that weather changes can be noted at the time they occur.          Item: AMS-0623

Matching Professional Marine Instruments

Machined in solid cast brass with highly polished finishes and with precision German movements.
Clock is precision quartz using one "AA" battery

Cases have thick beveled glass faces.
Units measure 5.5" dia.

Brass Professional Marine Barometer
A Barometer is used to measure upcoming weather events by sensing slight pressure gradient changes that indicate either Stormy, Rain, Change, Fair or Very Dry weather to come. Has dual calibration: US -millibars / Metric/ mmhg Item: AMS-1623.




Channel Lamp
Distressed Blue

Marker Style Lanterns in Distressed Blue and White
European style classic nautical channel lamp used on pylons or sailing ships for many years. 

Distressed blue and white painted steel with glass Fresnel lens.  Hand machined heavy gauge steel with factory installed electric light kit.


When used as a Channel marker a RED or GREEN light would be installed. When used on a ship or dock pylon a white light a 360o white light is required.
Comes with a standard socket tear-drop shaped 25 watt bulb.

Measures 14" tall

Channel Lamp
Distressed White

Item: BT-D0857-B

$154.95 ea.

Item: BT-D0857-W

Precision Weather Station on Mahogany Base


Two Chrome precision weather instruments on real Mahogany base.

Size: 15" x 8.5" wide and

Instruments: 5-1/2“


Item: AMS-0600


Precision 3-Gauge
Weather Station

Clock, Barometer & Thermometer

Precision weather instruments for September weather changes.


Base: 18“ x 6“

Item: RB-225-3



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